Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Food addictions

Food, glorious food. The best and only line worth remembering from Oliver Twist. And he/they have a very valuable point. Food just does something to me. When it's good, it's marvelous and right now, I just can't get enough.

Current food addictions include:

1) Nutella. I pop the jar into the fridge until the chocolatey goodness is solid and then I get a spoon. I can finish a jar easily in one sitting which makes Mr H feel queasy.
2) Popcorn. I make a batch in my popcorn maker and then heat up some butter, maple syrup and sugar. I then put the popcorn on a baking tray and then pour over the caramel mix. I pop it into a hot oven until crispy and divine. Repeat endlessly. More popcorn recipes here.
3) Frothy hot chocolate, from house of Coffees. Perfect for dipping snickers bars into.
4) Da Vinci's pizza in Brackenfell. Proper wood-fired pizza with fresh toppings paired with their own brewed beer. I can't get enough.
5) Cupcakes with yogurt. A normal batch of vanilla cupcakes becomes so much yummier and softer when you add plain yogurt. The real beauty of it, is that because of the yogurt, technically they can be classed as breakfast.
6) Boston Baked Beans. My Godmother is an American and when I was over in the U.K last month, she visited with this bean recipe that was soooo nice. Warming, sweet, slightly spicy and perfect for Winter. I would advise that you eat it alone. I will not be held responsible for the repercussions of eating beans.
7) Chocolate chip cookies. This obsession never really went away but it just intensified with the onset of colder weather. I make really gooey, chocolate-filled cookies.
8) Red wine. Okay, so it's not really a food, but it does often sustain me. My drinking habits are very dependent on the season. White was so Spring/Summer and now I need something with a red berry kick.

What are you currently snacking on?

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