Wednesday, 25 September 2013

From ashes and rubble...

It's been a very long time since I had the inspiration to write anything on the blog. For the past few months, our home has been turned upside down with renovations and massive changes. But, there is a light at the end of the rubble.
We're almost finished. We have a fully functioning kitchen (no more doing dishes in the bathtub).
We still want to re-do the ceiling and get pantry doors but I'm happy at least.The only issue now, is that we're itching to start everywhere else. Next stop, the bathrooms.

Quick tips on revamping your home

1) Take inspiration from Pinterest but don't live by it. It's all very well thinking that subway tiles are the bomb but they are also not that cheap.
2) Don't re-do your house and have puppies at the same time. 9 dogs is just crazy and having a stir-crazy mama and her puppies in a corner of your bedroom for a month is madness.
3) Don't forget dust sheets. You can never have too many of them. We made the fatal error of not being prepared. Our mistake cost us a lot of washing time.
4) Remember that you love the person you are working with. Screwdrivers can make pretty dangerous weapons, try and play nice.
5) It's okay to live off takeaways for the first week. No one is gonna judge. Apart from your scale.
6) Go hunting. Don't just stick with the first shop, keep looking because you may find something of more value somewhere else.
7) Only do stuff yourself if you have the patience of a pregnant Elephant.

And now for our Before and After pics:

1- 3 The kitchen before was separated by a half wall. That went.
4-5 The floor was a gross cream tile on an uneven foundation
  6 The poor dog in the middle of chaos.

The new laundry. Just needs a stable door.
The new pantry which just needs sliding barn doors.
3 - look how fugly it was before!

And the kitchen has got soul once more.

Bigger and better pics to come soon :)

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