Monday, 5 January 2015

Another year, another blog post

To sound like every other person in the world, "how fast did 2014 go by?!" - indeed, one minute I was bemoaning an influx of laughter lines, fretting about Christmas decorations and then BAM, New Years was upon us and now I'm standing eyeing, questionably, my 2015 calendar.

If last year was a hectic, swirling dervish of a year then 2015 is set to be a hurricane. But each day must be lived out to the full; this year I plan to take more time to be fulfilled rather than filling up my time just for the sake of busyness.

I know a lot of us will have resolutions for this year (I'm pretty sure I'm breaking most of mine already) but for what it's worth, here are my New Years resolutions...lets hope I can keep them.

1) Embrace grace.
2) Don't be so busy that I miss the precious little moments.
3) Take more photos.
4) Go on holidays that make me relax and therefore, inadvertently, make Mr H relax.
5) Make more time for doing more of what inspires me.
6) Stop being a bitch/stop letting bitches influence my actions.
7) Walk away from bad situations with dignity.
8) Be so flippen' dignified that they plan on making a movie about my amazingness.
9) Be humble.
10) Keep working out and getting fitter whilst working on having a healthy relationship with food.
11) Sing more.
12) Learn to master the art of answering the telephone.
13) Lengthen my attention span.
14) Be unshakable.
15) Cook more and challenge myself
16) Take credit for my hand in arguments and apologise....eeek
17) Master making Macaroons
(18)...get a freakin' working phone!!!!

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