Wednesday, 21 January 2015

What the women in my life have taught me

I have been blessed with remarkably amazing women who have taught me so many wonderful (and weird) things. Here's a few top tips and tricks that have stuck in my mind (some are very random):

My Mother
1) Marriage must be worked at by both sides...and I am not perfect
2) Always save the water you use to boil vegetables and add it to your gravy
3) Leftover chocolate/fudge is for sissies
4) Always have a present drawer; collect gifts so that when it is some one's birthday, you don't need to panic or do a crazed trip to the shops
5) The telephone is for making calls, not receiving them. Both my mum and I hate answering the phone - honestly, if you call me, expect to be ignored and to receive a Whatsapp message in the next second
6) Morning people are weird
7) Buy a heavy iron, it takes out half the work
8) People who like to iron are probably aliens
9) Show off your face (for all Americans, clip your bangs up)
10) Never mix corn starch in hot water
11) Fluff your boiled potatoes in a colander to make them crispier when you roast them (best roast potatoes ever)
12) Every child is wonderfully unique no matter how their brain functions

My Gran
1) Olives are for mature tastes - and they remain that way to this day
2) One should be cultured and you should never be afraid to immerse yourself in the classics/ballet/art. A rounded person is a grounded person
3) Never be ashamed to sunbathe topless
4) Wine is important - I am very grateful to her for my current job
5) When in doubt, sing
6) Musicals uplift the heart
7) Be the kind of hostess that makes people envious
8) Everyone has a story to tell, you must just listen
9) Go for long walks and you will feel hundreds

And from the both of them:
Never be anyone but yourself. The world has too many fakers in it and you are different for a reason.

Any beautiful pearls of wisdom from the ladies in your life that you would like to share?

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