Wednesday, 18 February 2015

All's fair in work and love...

I'm going to get an awful lot of flack for this post. I'm hesitant to write anything but my fingers are just running away from me.

I have a friend in a similar industry to me and she has noticed a theme...married (and single) women, under the age of 32, with no children get picked on. There, I said it. All the ladies with babies are going to throw me some shade so let me quickly try and explain.

Said friend works in a PR company and though she has a family (it's her and her husband and their Terrier), that doesn't seem to count towards much. Here's some examples of her plight:

- Friend notices that colleague leaves office every day to pick up child from daycare, no questions asked. On one particular day, friend had to drop husband off at garage for broken car, gets asked a million questions why he can't find someone else to do it.
- Friend attends meeting to brainstorm ideas around an event, it might be a little more work but the return will be phenomenal. Because everyone has kids, she is required to do all the work (after hours) but then the entire team takes the praise.
- Friend gets emails over the weekend that she is expected to answer...spending time with husband is not a valid excuse yet spending time with family (children) is.
There are many little niggles that have come out over a glass of truth juice (wine).

From my side; in a previous job I was bemused when people (mainly men) assumed that I wanted to hang out longer at the office (without pay) rather than go home to my husband. I would receive incredulous looks, often being called boring or not a team player.
Imagine if I left my child alone! God forbid. Why is it not the same? I sure love my husband, he's pretty much the best part of me, so why does he not factor as highly?
Furthermore, I've experienced a few moments whereby my life-experience/knowledge has been questioned because I don't have kids - it's like I don't know anything because I haven't breastfed yet.

Things are even tougher for single females because obviously they don't have a life outside of office hours.

So I leave the above here and am willing to take all criticism/maybe some agreement. Please note that I am not dismissing the hard work of mothers, that would be ridiculous seeing as I have an awesome one.

The above is subject to change should I ever have my own child and then I'll write a follow-up article.

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