Welcome to the ramblings of my mind...

I'm proudly British/South African/Welsh with a little bit of Portuguese thrown into the mix. 
I’m the eldest of three siblings (one of which is no longer earth bound) and I've been married almost a year.

I moved to Cape Town over a year ago and I'm still finding my feet but I love it here. You don't get warmer people than the Capetonians.

I love to write, pens just seem to fit so snugly into my hands. I also have a passion for clean paper and making lists. I have a degree in Communication studies, used to be an editor of a magazine, moved into events and now, I'm a Wine writer.

I suppose I was tempted to do a blog just so I could relieve the pressure that my poor mind has to deal with as unbeknown to the World, I do think a lot! So this is my outlet and I hope you enjoy it.

I always love hearing from my readers so drop me a mail or comment on your favorite posts.